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Navigating a Challenging Fertility Journey: Hope, Struggles, and Resilience 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call Part 1

discovery calls Jul 12, 2024

"When you feel like you have zero answers, it's easy to lose hope, but sometimes you have to keep searching and trying different things."

Topics Discussed:

Financial and emotional challenges of IVF.

Struggles with relationships and setting boundaries.

The fear of judgment and feeling labeled...

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Why You Want to Boost Your Egg Quality Before Doing a Round of IVF - Infertility & Epigenetics

podcast Jul 05, 2024

"Random shit happens all the time. You cannot control everything. This is not about perfection. It's about gaining the knowledge for your body to increase your chances."

Topics Discussed:

Importance of looking at the whole body to find the root cause of infertility.

The role of diet and...

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Is Gut Health Really Having an Impact on My Fertility?

podcast Jun 28, 2024

"Investing in gut health through diet, stress management, and targeted supplementation can save you time, money, and heartache on your fertility journey."

Topics Discussed:

The impact of gut health on fertility.  

How to reduce inflammation with diet adjustments.

Targeted supplementation...

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Overcoming Unexplained Infertility: Gut Health, Autoimmunity & Positivity 🦩 Podcast Discovery Call

discovery calls Jun 21, 2024

“Nowadays, it is a clear representation that you don’t have to be perfect or healthy to give life.”

Topics Discussed:

Dismissive attitudes of medical professionals towards thyroid and autoimmune issues.

The importance of addressing autoimmune issues in fertility.

Gut health...

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Unlocking Spiritual Fertility: Connect with Your Spirit Baby with Christel Part Two

podcast Jun 14, 2024

"The more you are connected to yourself, the more the spirit baby can merge with you; it's like they're merging with your energy."

Topics Discussed:

Importance of self-connection and intuition in fertility.

How to grieve miscarriages and welcome healing.

Dreams, multiple souls, and energetic...

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Spiritual Side of Fertility: The Concept of Connecting with Future Souls with Christel Part One

podcast Jun 07, 2024

“There are so many souls that want to be born, and 80% of those are born by attraction, which means that they usually don't have the preparation to come to earth.”

Topics Discussed:

Spiritual perspectives on conception.

The concept of souls choosing their parents.


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The Best Tips for Meal Prepping and Maintaining a Healthy Diet During Infertility

podcast May 31, 2024

"Just showing up for yourself is more than most people are doing. You are taking control of your life, not only for your fertility and your future family." 

Topics Discussed:

How to celebrate progress and show yourself grace.

Subconscious reprogramming to support lifestyle changes.


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How to Transform Your Breakfast& Mindset for Fertility Success

podcast May 24, 2024

"Live in the reality that there is an abundance of things you can do to shift out of that reality you don't want to be in."

Topics Discussed:

Practical tips for meal prepping breakfast to support fertility.

Shift your mindset and adopt gratitude amidst fertility challenges.

Adopt an abundance...

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Surrendering to the Journey Towards Conscious Motherhood 🦩Podcast Discovery Call Part Two

discovery calls May 17, 2024

“If you hang your heart on the success of pregnancy, you will feel like you’re failing all the time, so celebrate those small wins.”

Topics Discussed:

The power of surrendering to the fertility journey.

Impact of past achievements and societal pressures on fertility health.


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Overcoming Miscarriages& Embracing Holistic Health 🦩Podcast Discovery Call Part 1

discovery calls May 10, 2024

“If you don’t address the root cause of what’s going on in its minimum, it’s just going to get worse.”

Topics Discussed:

Holistic health optimization for fertility.

The impact of cellular health on your fertility.

How to shift your mindset and get time back....

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